* Full Version Features *

Get the full version of Turbo Dismount on Steam! Support us humble developers and join an international society of smashing simulation scientists!

The full version delivers a full entertainment package, including:

* Over a dozen new levels!

* Over ten different vehicles!

* Different characters

* Customize Mr. Dismount and his vehicle with photos and images!

* Create your own levels and download new levels from Steam Workshop!

* Frequently Asked Questions *

Q: Is this web preview the same as the final game?
A: No! The final game will be bigger, better and more!

Q: Bigger, better, how?
A: There will be more levels, more vehicles, customization options and so on!

Q: Where will you sell the game?
A: Right now, on Steam Early Access! Turbo Dismount will later be available for iOS on the App Store.

Q: What about us Androids? Why did you say only App Store?
A: We're just three guys, one who can't even write code. Maybe, but let us catch our breath first.

Q: This website is free, so the full version will also be free, correct?
A: No. Contrary to internet beliefs, we don't survive on happiness alone. The game costs $6.99 for the duration of the Steam Early Access phase.

Q: Ragdolls are boring, I want blood, gore, gibs and bits!
A: Okay, there probably are games for that. See, Dismount is about abstract visuals, realistic sounds, and dark humor. We don't think graphic gore would make the game better.

Q: Will there be a level editor?
A: Yes. It's one of the big features of the Steam version.

Q: I have a cool level idea!
A: Excellent! Just write it in the comments section and Mr. Dismount will record it for us.

* Awesome Videos *

* Foreign Movies Section *

A tip of the hat to everyone sharing the fun on Youtube! Mr. Dismount is absolutely flattened by the attention!